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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 2 years ago

Solve your Mac’s overheating issues

smcFanControl is a free utility tool that increases the minimum speed of the in-built fan of your MacBook. You can download and use the software to check the temperature of your device and control the speed of both available fans using sliders. Not only will this software stop your Mac from overheating, but it will also prevent it from crashing when using resource-intensive apps. The GPL-licensed tool is easy to use and integrated with a few essential features.

What is SMC Fan Control?

smcFanControl keeps your MacBook from overheating by letting you control the speed of its fans. The software works on Intel computers and makes them run cooler. You can use the tool to keep a check on your PC’s temperature—in Celsius or Fahrenheit—and use it to change the minimum fan speed of both available fans separately.

Why do you need to control the fans of your Macbook?

If you tend to run heavy applications or system-intensive games on your computer, you may have noticed the heat that your MacBook gives out. It can even happen when your device is trying to complete old processes or running apps in the background. To bring down the overall temperature, the device lowers the clock frequency and spins the fans so the processor gets a chance to cool down.

However, Apple doesn’t provide any software that lets you take manual control. It’s reluctant, mostly because this could lead to CPU failure if someone reduces the speed limit below the required minimum. smcFanControl takes care of this problem by setting a limit below which users can’t go. This functionality allows you to gain full control of your device’s fans without worrying about system failure.

You can download smcFanControl for Mac and use it to manage the temperature of your PC. The software comes with three presets that are easy to customize. One setting is for when your computer is charging, another is for battery usage, and the last for when it is connected to an AC power source. You can use the settings to individually maintain the minimum speed of the left and the right fans.

Easy-to-use software

smcFanControl is quite lightweight and runs on all machines with a Mac operating system of 10.7 and above. Once downloaded, you can find the application in the menu bar displaying the current temperature of the CPU, GPU, and HDD. It also shows the speeds of both fans.

On clicking this icon, you can access more information, switch between different presets, change settings, and do much more. You can use the dashboard to monitor and control your system’s fans. When you quit the software, your device goes back to the default minimum fan settings of your Mac OS.

Customizable controls

Upon opening the application, you get a separate window to set preferences. You can use it to create a cooling preset, with minimum speed assigned to both fans separately. Other options include configuring the items in your menu bar, switching between different temperature units, and assigning certain default functions. The Preference window lets you set whether or not you want the app to start when your system boots and change settings based on different power sources.

Features and controls

smcFanControl is free to download and comes with a few essential features. It lets you control the minimum fan speed of both laptop and desktop Macs with Intel CPUs. You can easily integrate the software into the system bar and create multiple modes for different cooling requirements. For instance, you may want to set a specific value for your fans when playing high-intensity games. The tool also comes with automatic presets that get activated the moment a change in power is detected.

Useful for creative and professional tasks

A lot of people spend hours on their computers. However, spending too much time on your device can cause it to heat up. Most professionals like designers, video editors, musicians, and developers, have no choice but to dedicate continuous hours to complete their work. In such cases, smcFanControl for Mac can be quite handy. It can keep your MacBook cool throughout the day, even when you use high-intensity apps. It’ll not only keep the device from heating up but it will also prevent unnecessary system crashes.

How hot is too hot for MacBook Pro?

When using a MacBook or MacBook Pro, the usual temperature when the system is under high-load is 194°F. While your system will begin to cool down the moment it detects too much heat, anything beyond 203°F is considered too much.

Is smcFanControl safe to use?

Yes, smcFanControl is safe to use as it always remains within Apple’s permissible speed limits. The only thing it does is it lets you set a higher minimum fan speed, such that your system doesn’t heat up even when you use high-intensity apps.

Are there any specific system requirements?

The application is free to download and works on 64-bit, Intel-based Mac OS 0.7 and above. The recent version of smcFanControl supports all current devices including, MacBook Air, Mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro.

Are there any alternatives?

Although smcFanControl is simple to use and does the work, it does require users to log in numerous times. In case you want to check out alternatives, you should explore Fan Control, Temperature Monitor, and CoolBook.

Should I download smcFanControl?

If you’re looking for a tool to help cool down your Mac laptop or desktop, you should download smcFanControl. It’s quite an efficient application and provides essential features to control the minimum fan speed of your computer. Considering that it complies with Apple’s optimal fan settings, it’s safe to use and keeps you from damaging the computer’s CPU. The application lets you control both fans individually and also offers an option to customize presets and change different settings. It also clearly displays your PC’s CPU temperature, so you can change the speed of the fans as and when required.


  • Free to download and use
  • Control both fans individually
  • Prevent overheating
  • Use customizable presets


  • Only available for Mac devices

Older versions

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smcFanControl for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2.6
  • 3.4
  • (282)
  • Security Status

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    Helps run smooth!!!! Never had an issue!! I would recommend to everyone

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    Life Saver Software.
    Apple should have built something like this into the operating system. I run a project recording studio, yesterday was a v More


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